Sunday, December 16, 2007

Prayer request for Peggy Bechie

I received these request in an email. Please add them to your prayers today. Thanks!

From: Dan & Letha
Subject: prayer request for Peggy Bechie

Mollie is my sister, of course Peggy is our mom.  I got to talk w/ the surgeon this morning (Sat. 12/15) and surgery will not be until the middle of next week or so.  A team of cardiologists are studying her case on Monday to decide the best plan for surgery.  In addition to the valve and arteries, she has an area of weakened muscle in her heart, also a result of the blocked arteries.  Her case is complex and I'm glad a group of experienced folks are going to work together on this.  There is not a worry about waiting for surgery until middle of next week, to allow her heart/body to prepare for the trauma of surgery again so soon after the hip & heart attack.  Physical therapy will begin working with her again, to get her up out of bed, etc...which she will be thrilled to do.  See the rest below from my sis....ditto w/ forwarding, I know I don't have a bunch of folks' emails.
I'm asking prayers for my mom.  12/5 she had a total hip replacement.  12/10 she had a heart attack while in a rehab/nursing home facility.  She was admitted to Adena and has had all the tests.  Today she transfers to Mount Carmel East for triple bypass and a mitral valve reconstruction sometime within the next several days. 
She is with great peace, the consolation of great care, with great relief there's an actual medical reason for her perpetual fatigue and shortness of breath.  The surgeon said its likely she's been having ischemic attacks for many years.  70-99% blockage in the three arteries and the valve problem is a result of the coronary artery disease.
Why has it gone undetected for sooo long?  We decided not to worry about it.  So, here we are! 
I'll try to keep you updated.  Thanks for all your prayers and sacrifices. 
Please do forward this message to the homeschool community and anyone else I may have left out.
Peace and thank you.
A blessed Advent, preparing for the King.
Love and prayers,

God Bless,
Bob Speakman

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