Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Front Runner, More Pics, End of the Year Luncheon

3BT for 12/12/07

1. Mike Huckabee is either in a near tie or in the lead in every poll out right now. Go Mike!

2. More pictures on our Picasa Album. Check them out!

3. End of the Year Luncheon. We receive an email at work with the following text, "December 21st we will be having a "End of the Year Luncheon". There will be music, games and drawings for prizes". I emailed the woman to sent it out and asked what kind of "music" there would be. Christmas music... The sign up sheet in the break room and green. Here's a picture to show I'm not making it up. We can't even say HOLIDAY anymore, let alone CHRISTMAS! Too funny.

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