Thursday, December 06, 2007

Daddy, The "Tree", Huckabee Video

3BT for 12/6/07

1. Maleah is recognizing when I'm gone and is calling for "da da" or "daddy". It is so sweet. I was leaving this morning and when I closed the door I could see her mouthing "da da". Miranda's mom and dad were watching her last night when we went to sing in the Singing Christmas Tree and she was doing it then too. How sweet is that? :)

2. Our dress rehearsal for the "tree" went well. About 50 people showed up to watch and most everything went well. Now starts the big show. Thursday through Sunday we'll perform at 7PM each night. Our Worship Center seats around 700-750 people. We gave out close to 1,500 tickets per night. We should have a good turnout.

3. Awesome video of Mike Huckabee. This is why I love this guy:

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  1. Mr. Speakman, I do believe we agree on a candidate!