Friday, December 07, 2007

Cavlin's Snowmen, Miranda's hat and scarf, The "Tree"

3BT for 12/7/07

1. Someone at work sent me these cartoons of Calvin and Hobbs. I’ve seen these before, but they crack me up every single time I see them. Here's a link to them. Be sure to have your pop-up blocker on.

2. Miranda in her hat and scarf. I bought Miranda a hat and scarf the Christmas before last and Bobby helped pick it out. Ok, he picked it out, but I agreed with it being nice. They look so cute on her! :)

3. The Singing Christmas Tree's first night went well. Over 500 people showed up and everything went great. Miranda and I enjoy being in the "Tree". Here's a picture of the crowd I took from my cell as they were leaving.

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