Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Big Snow, Playoffs?, Katie


Sorry I missed my 3BT yesterday. I was busy and what little time I had I devoted to my fantasy football league. That may seem sad, but you're judging me! Stop it! Now you're laughing. So you're judgmental and mean! Who is sad now? Still me...

1. It snowed! Sure it makes it hard to drive sometimes and causes accidents, but it is pretty to look at! :) Honestly, there is nothing quite like peaceful sound of snow falling. It is drowns all of the other noises out and blankets the ground in bright white goodness. Then a car slams into a guardrail and goes into a ravine... Merry Christmas!

2. Playoffs? Playoffs? (obscure Jim Mora reference) Its playoff fantasy football that is. In both of my fantasy football leagues I made the playoffs. In the one with Miranda's co-workers, Dan and Tony I finished in 2nd in my division behind the Belichick-esque Barry Rahe. In the other league I am in with Matt I finished 1st overall and have a 1st round bye. If Matt wins his 1st round playoff game we face each other in the conference championship game. How many of you are actually still reading this??? Matt? That's what I figured.

3. My niece Katie turns 16 this week...well, actually 13. She acts 16 though. These kids today and their rock and roll music and their hot rods. They always play their marble games on the sidewalks. Curse their incessant kicking of cans! Anyhow, Brandon's hair looked pretty cool. I was impressed. Sorry Cindy.

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