Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Super Tuesday, Slim Jims, Making Time

1. It's Super Tuesday. Although it isn't as big of a voting day when only a few local races are happening, it is still big. Anytime that "we the people" get the chance to help make city/state/national decisions we should be excited about it. I will be voting right after work.

2. Slim Jims! It has been awhile since I've "snapped into a Slim Jim"! :) I forgot how disgustingly good they are. Disgusting because how they look and how they're made. It actually says, "mechanically separated chicken" ingredients. They are good though.

3. Finding time for a routine. Better yet...making time. With the time change Maleah is already starting to wake up earlier and it is hard to find our time for Bible Study. So, if she's getting up will we! :) It worked well for both Miranda and myself.

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