Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Rolling Dog, Bright Mornings, Mary in 'Bama

3BT for 11/7/07

1. Seeing a dog roll around. I know it sounds weird - I'm the one that just typed it. Here's the whole story. I was driving down Belleview to work and the road was closed. I detoured down Pohlman...and got behind a bus. As I waited behind the bus at one of its stops I saw this dog rolling around. He looked like he was scratching his own back and I swear he was smiling.

2. More light in the mornings. I don't like how dark it is at 6 PM now, but I do like how bright it is at 6 AM! It makes getting ready for work a little more tolerable.

3. Mary in Alabama. I love that she is sticking with her blog. Many times people start them and then either go months without posting or just abandon them alltogether. Her blogs are entertaining too! :)


  1. Hey, thanks. I've discovered that I LOVE blogging. Just wish I had more time to do it.

    Of course, since I'm taking online classes, we have to post responses to discussion questions. I tend to ramble during those, too. One girl said it was like reading a book because they were long enough to be a book. Ha! Ha! (Kind of hurt my feelings, though. Of course several other people in the class posted that they enjoy reading my discussion question postings. So there!)

  2. I know that feeling. I am often wordy and don't know when to stop. Most of the time for me its a bad thing, but sometimes it isn't.