Friday, November 09, 2007

Ride to Work, Maleah Sleeping, Decorating for Christmas

3BT for 11/9/07

1. Miranda took me to work this morning. Her car wouldn't start so she had to take me in mine. Why is that good? Because I got to talk to her on the way to work. It was very enjoyable! :)

2. Getting a good night's sleep. Maleah slept without waking up once all of the way through 5 this morning. She's been waking up wanting her "bug" (pacifier that looks like a bumble bee) or a bottle in the early morning. Even when she woke up this morning she went back to bed after a bottle. She's precious.

3. Our Christmas decorating weekend. We'll have a few other things to do this weekend that will limit our time, but we're going to decorate for Christmas! Yay!

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