Friday, November 16, 2007

Random Passing Thoughts, Iss. 7

Interesting fact: The amount of people who read my blog divided by the people who will vote for Dennis Kucinich multiplied by the number of people who will vote for Ron Paul = 0, the same chance that either of these guys have at being our President.

Tis' the season... Super Tuesday is long gone so no more political you just have ten tons of SUPER SALE ads to contend with. That wouldn't be so bad if there were better deals...

The difference between a politician and a retail store's sale ad? You can actually trust the promise that the store's ad makes. I'd hate to see a percentage of campaign promises kept.

Speaking of retail stores....Christmas shopping is fun - as long as you anticipate to wait in line everywhere you go. If you assume you'll have to wait you won't get as frustrated.

Speaking of Christmas... I just love "A Charlie Brown Christmas". We have it on VHS. If anyone has it on DVD and wants to sell it I'll buy it off of you! :)

Speaking of Charlie Brown... he's running for Congress in California. He's a lib so I hope he steals his cartoon counterpart's lines by saying "Everything I touch gets ruined". The top link on his website is for the Daily Kos...

Speaking of The Daily Kos... What a bunch of garbage. They're one of the many blogging websites that are helping to kill off what little credibility the media had. When the New York Times, ABC, MSNBC, etc. quote from bloggers on this site then we've hit a new low.

Speaking of media outlets... I do think Fox News is a fair and balanced station. I don't think they're too far to the right, but anything that doesn't look like the usual biased garbage is probably unsettling to some.

Speaking of Fox News... I do disagree with some of their content as well as the format of the "Fox and Friends" Show. C'mon, people. It is the news, not a high school locker room.

Speaking of High School... it has now been 9 years since I graduated from High School. It didn't sound that bad until I typed it.

Speaking of bad... This writing style is probably annoying you. I just wanted to see how long I could keep it going. Thanks for reading!


  1. If it hadn't been for Charlie Brown Christmas, I may never have heard about Jesus.

    I can quote the entire Scripture from it.

    Every year, no matter what age group I teach -- from preschoolers to college age -- I always do a lesson at church after showing the movie. Lots of good stuff in there!

    Aunt Mary

  2. PS: Have you ever seen the movie "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" with Loretta Switt? It's awesome!

  3. Miranda loves that part where Linus quotes the scripture too. I love that movie. "I want a dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown" on the other hand is horrible.

    I've never heard of that movie. I'll have to imdb it! :)