Monday, November 26, 2007

Perfect Thanksgiving, Annual Trip, We're #3

3BT for 11/26/07

1. Perfect Thanksgiving vacation - Miranda, Maleah and I had 4 awesome days off together. Miranda and I went shopping for Maleah on Friday and it was a lot of fun. We (by we I mean Miranda) have already wrapped all of the gifts we bought for Maleah and they're under the tree. It was great getting to spend so much time with them this weekend. I miss 'em already! :(

2. Annual "Shopping for the Girls" day with Matt. I hit a few snags and Matt didn't need to do much shopping, but we had fun anyhow. The breakfast was good, but I still think the chicken at Chik Fil A tastes a little bit like fish. I bought Miranda two pairs of pajamas for Christmas...She wore one set yesterday. She asked me if I got her pajamas and said, "you could give them to me now and have more money for my gifts". She's not greedy, but she knows I love to buy things for her!

3. The Buckeyes are #3! That's right. You doubters can eat your crow now. Whether they make it to the national championship it is pretty cool that they're that high again. The Browns win yet again and are now in the wildcard playoffs if the season ended today. I love my teams!

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