Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Miranda's Post, "Nope" & "Yep", Doing Something

3BT for 11/13/07

1. This post. I love Miranda so much and I love it when she is that happy! :)

2. More words from Maleah yesterday. She started saying "nope" and "yep". I said "nope" to her once yesterday and she looked at me and said, "yep". Arguing already. These kids today.

3. Actually doing something. Everyone always says, "we need to do something" or "we should get together and have dinner", etc. I do it myself. It is easy to tell someone "we need to do something" because it removes the guilt from not actually doing something. We need to say what we mean, and mean what we say! That's why having our S.S. class get-together Saturday was so nice!


  1. I love hearing her say "nope" and "yep"! :) She is SOOO awesome!

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