Thursday, November 15, 2007

Matt Loves Tom Brady, Turkey in a Week, Black Friday Poll

3BT for 11/15/07

1. I made Matt forsake all of his principles and loyalties in a fantasy football trade. He's a Colts fan so he loves Joseph Addai and "hates" Tom Brady. Yet he made a trade sending Addai to me and joined the dark side by accepting Brady and Reggie Bush. {Insert sinister laugh here!} He may have got the better deal, but he may not have. I also received Derek Anderson who has the softest QB fantasy football playoff schedule in the NFL (Jets, Bills, Bengals). Cha-ching! :)

2. One week to Turkey Day! Time to start storing some fat on us for the winter. Eat up children, eat up. Shake a leg and then eat it.

3. I set up a poll at the bottom of the blog. The question is "Are you going shopping on the day after Thanksgiving? I will change the poll out every couple weeks with new questions.

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