Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Maleah's New Clothes, Make a Comment, Movies!

3BT for 11/27/07

1. Kim got Maleah new clothes! She looks so cute in her new outfits. She also bought her a "Baby's First Christmas" stocking where you can put her picture inside. Thanks Kim!!!

2. It is very easy to make comments on this blog! You can make them whether you're a member or not. You can comment anonymously, or you can register so your name will be shown. Either way I would love to hear from you, Letha.... or other people not named Letha.

3. Watching movies with Miranda. We didn't watch that many movies to begin with, but it became rare once we had Maleah. Now that she's on a routine it is a lot easier. I wrote what I thought below and included a link to the Christian Entertainment review of each movie as well.

License to Wed - Christian Entertainment Review
We thought we'd like this movie because The Office star John Krasinski (Jim) was in it. Wrong. In addition to having some very uncomfortable sexual discussions from the minister it just was not any good. The acting wasn't great, but you can blame that on a lame script. I didn't like the movie at all. Don't waste your time on this one and certainly don't let your kids watch it.

Night at the Museum - Christian Entertainment Review
This movie was a joy to watch. Truly enjoyable, funny, and clean enough for the whole family. There was one cuss word throughout. The writing was superb and the execution of the concept was brilliant. I loved it!

Ocean's 13 - Christian Entertainment Review
This one is tough because the Christian Entertainment rates this movie as "Offensive". I personally disagree with that rating. The language was light compared to other PG13 movies and the sexuality was nil. Yes, it portrays thieves as the "good guys". Yes, it is all about stealing, gambling, etc. However, the crimes committed are the kind of fantasy crimes that would never really happen. The thinking of the writers to tie things together is amazing and I love trying to follow everything. It is a cinematic feast and it was the best Ocean's movie of the three. Should your small children watch this? No, but only because they will be very bored with it.

Wild Hogs - Christian Entertainment Review
This movie had the potential to be lame as some movies with a star-studded cast are. However, it was a very funny movie that held my attention to the end. Christian Entertainment rated this as "Offensive" as well and I understand why. Moderate amounts of cussing, a couple of men's butts, and repeated references to male body parts were made. All of that aside I enjoyed the movie, but I wouldn't recommend it for children. Though geared toward men, women will enjoy this movie as well.

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