Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Horseshoe & Baby Jesus, Decorated, "Hair cut Picture"

3BT for 11/14/07

1. I found a small horseshoe when taking baby Jesus out of his box. What an odd statement! :) We have a really cool nativity scene that we set up every Christmas. As I was taking Baby Jesus out his own box a tiny horseshoe came out with him. I know what you're thinking... Indian in the Cupboard? Me too. It probably came off of something else we had, but it was just a peculiar thing to find in a box with baby Jesus!

2. We're decorated for Christmas! We still have to move some items around and put up the tree, but everything is unpacked. I love Christmas. Did you know that? Could you tell?

3. As promised here is a picture of Miranda with her new haircut. Isn't she beautiful?

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