Thursday, November 29, 2007

Holiday 106.5, Christmas Spirit, Mommy/Daughter Week

3BT for 11/29/07

1. Chillicothe has a new radio station! Currently it is being called "Holiday 106.5", but will be converting to a regular format after Christmas. If I had to guess I would say that it will be a B94/Mix 93 style music. Kudos to Clear Channel for finally bringing a non Country station back to Chilli!

2. Bringing some Christmas spirit to work. I plugged in my radio, tuned it to Holiday 106.5, put it on top of my cubicle, and turned it up! Now it is just a matter of time before someone becomes "offended". Either way the message of the love of Christ is being blasted out of my cubicle. That is why Christmas music is so great. Secular radio stations will play music telling about the miracle of Christ's birth - just because it is Christmas music. Oh, and then there are songs about Santa, snow, etc. :)

3. Mommy daughter week. Miranda has been home with Maleah all week and she's loved it. I wish I could do that for her. I would love nothing more than to have her stay home, but it is so much harder this day and age. If only. Anyhow... many hugs, kisses, and special moments have been shared and I think it is fantastic!


  1. Maybe kudos for non-country returning to Chillicothe but shame on CC for ripping a full-service station out of Hillsboro to do so.

  2. Anonymous12/24/2007

    I imagine they are pulling a frequency swap with another market. Such as they did when they swapped 93 and 94 then moved 93 to Ashville to cover Columbus. Sometimes owners swap frequencies around to be able to get higher power licences for better coverage, they may need 105.5 somewhere else where it is the only one they can use there.