Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ocho Bobblehead, Closer, Slyders Soon

3BT for 11/8/07

1. Ocho Cinco bobblehead. I picked this up at Burger King. I'm a Browns fan, but I love Chad Johnson.

2. We're getting closer to Christmas. Yay! Thanksgiving is exactly 2 weeks away and we're excited. This will be a great Christmas. I am so excited.

3. White Castle is under Construction! Woo hoo! It won't be long before good tasting, but bad for you food is in Chillicothe! :) Olive Garden should be done very soon. It is looking good!


  1. 1. Love the bobblehead! We NEVER get cool stuff at our Burger King. (Get Annie to tell you about the time she and I went to Burger Chef, I think, and got the Cincinnati Bengals glasses. Tell her I still have them! LOL!

    2. Don't remind me about Thanksgiving. That means I'll have to clean my house. And get out Christmas decorations. AND cook. It's the only time I cook all year. If God wanted us to cook, He wouldn't have invented McDonald's.

    3. I LOVE Olive Garden's lasagna. It's almsot as good as Annie's. Love White Castle, but it hates me!!!

  2. Anonymous11/08/2007

    we really enjoyed having lunch w/ everyone yesterday!