Friday, November 02, 2007

The Office, Cutting Prices, Printed Pictures

3BT for 11/2/07

1. The episode of The Office last night. It was hilarious. Quoting Dwight Schrute, "the eyes are the groin of the head". You would need to have watched it for it to be as funny as it is to me. :)

2. Talking people down on prices. All you have to do is ask. Worst case scenario: they say no. I've managed to get a couple of things marked down in stores. I just got a full head Burger King masked priced at $14.95 for just five bucks! One store's junk is my treasure...for five bucks.

3. Seeing pictures printed that were on the computer. When we used to just have a 35MM camera I could never look at the pictures without Miranda. Now that we have digital we see them before we print them. I used to call her crazy for getting upset if I looked at those, but now I understand. Beautiful pictures of Maleah look even better when you have them in hand!

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