Monday, November 19, 2007

10 Mos., Bucks Win, Browns Lose...or Win?

3BT for 11/15/07

1. Maleah is 10 months today. We'll be taking her monthly pictures with a Christmas theme this month. It'll be great! :) She's a sweet baby and she's getting so big. Yet there are times when she seems so small.

2. The Buckeyes beat Michigan 14-3! Go BUCKS!

3. The Browns they didn't! That's basically what it felt like Sunday. Dawson missed a field goal to tie the game last week and it looked that way again. Miranda pointed out that the ball went completely through the goal posts, but it bounced back through onto the playing field. The initially ruled it incomplete and the Ravens players ran into the locker room. It wasn't over. The Ravens came back out onto the field just long enough to have Dawson drop one more field goal on them; this time it was a game-winning field goal. The Steelers also lost which puts the Browns only one game back of first!

I'll leave you with this:

O - H....


  1. It's like a bad many Buckeye fans does it take to spell the state name? 2!

    Anyway, that Browns game was AWESOME! And the Bucket Game (IU-Purdue) ended with a last second field goal too! What a great weekend of football!

  2. The IU-Purdue game? Great football? Sure....

  3. And, OH-IO is one of the coolest things ever. Go out in any public place and shot "O-H" and see how many people shout back "I-O"! :)