Monday, October 01, 2007

Yay/Nay of the Day for 10/1/07

I was working on our front room all day Friday so I didn't get to the computer to do my Yay/Nay.

Yay: We completed a lot of the front room this weekend. All but one full panel and two smaller panels of drywall are left and we'll have that part done. After that it is the taping, putting on the putty, sanding, priming, painting, putting up the new door, and putting up the ceiling fan. Other than that we're almost done!

Yay: Both of my fantasy football teams will probably win. I am waiting on one player to play in both leagues in Monday Night Football. Even more importantly...

Yay: The Browns and the Buckeyes won. Not very often I get to say that! With the Steelers losing yesterday that means the Browns are currently alone in 2nd place and just 1 game back! Also, four teams that were ahead of the Buckeyes in the Polls lost. That moved OSU all of the way up to #4 in the nation. Go Bucks!

Nay: CNN aired a series last week entitled "God Warriors". It basically said that both Christians and Jews are comparable to radial muslims. Religion was also portrayed as a vehicle for death and destruction. If that is not the message of the atheists, I don't know what is. Sick.

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