Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Warm Things, Front Room, Good Debate

3BT for 10/30/07

1. Warm things when it is cold. Warm drinks, warm meals, warm sweaters... anything warm. (My fingers are numb this morning. They choose to run the a/c here at work - no matter what the temperature outside.

2. Our front room. There is a picture below of the finished product. We spent a lot of time and energy in that room. By we I mean both of our dads. Both Butch (aka Paul) and Jim (aka Butch) spent tons of time on it. After the walls and ceiling were up Butch sanded them down and refinished the trim boards while dad put up our ceiling fan. I don't know what we'd do without them. Miranda and I painted the walls and decorated. I did a lot of decorating because that's what us guys who DON'T watch "Dancing With the Stars" do. (inside joke)

3. A good debate. It doesn't matter the topic or the person I'm debating. I just enjoy discussion, points/counterpoints, etc. Recently on my old "new" blog I had debated how good the Buckeyes really are. Then they went out onto the field and proved my point for me against Penn State. Actions DO speak louder than words.

Our Remodeled Front Room

New walls, new door, new ceiling, new ceiling fan, new curtains, new picture frames. We also have a brand new beautiful rug that is not pictured.


  1. The new room looks so much different and really good!

  2. The room looks awesome!

    I hope we can find more than tO$U to debate about, although that's been fun.

  3. That is one beautiful room! But what about all my help? I get no thanks what so ever? Oh, wait , I didn't do anything did I ? Sorry!

  4. Thanks for the compliments. The pictures are terrific, but still do it no justice.

    Annie, you did help... you kept Miranda entertained. That's a difficult job! :)