Monday, October 29, 2007

bobBLOG/3BT back, My baby, Judgement House

With great pleasure and honor I bring back...the bobBLOG. Not only do I bring back the bobBLOG, but I also bring back... 3BT.

3BT for 10/29/07

1. The bobBLOG is back. It honestly feels good to be back here at blogspot. I missed my design with my Christmas ticker and my stuff at the side. It is more ME. The other blog was like dressing up in a nice new outfit. Sure you feel special, but eventually you want to get into a comfortable pair of jeans and a t-shirt. The good news is that I abandoned this blog, went to another, didn't make a post here for almost a month, but I still managed to post more frequently than Matt does. :)

2. My little baby girl...who has been neglected on my other blog. She got her first tooth this week and it is cute! She's getting so smart and so quick with her crawling. She is a darling baby girl and we love her so much!

3. Judgement House. It is over, but I feel like we did a lot of really good work. Many people made rededications, asked for prayer, or made a decision of salvation for the first time. Praise God we attend a church that cares so much about seeing souls saved!

That's my first bobBLOG back folks. I'm back now. Any bets on how soon before another big change happens? :)


  1. Welcome home, sweetie! I missed you!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous10/30/2007

    I am sooo glad to see you back!! Love ya! Annie