Wednesday, October 10, 2007

58 Degree Perspective

We are in the 2nd week of October and in Southern Ohio we’ve hit above 90 degrees several times this “Fall”. However, today it isn’t even supposed to hit 60 degrees until around noon.
I will assume that you got up to go to work or let your dog out this morning and thought, “Brrrr, it is chilly out here!”
Now, think back to the coldest days of winter. Bone chilling temperatures, bundling up in blankets, dreading getting out of bed and putting your feet on the floor. There have been 18 days straight of below freezing temperatures. Then it happens.
You wake up to find that the snow is melting. Birds are chirping and you see grass again. You turn on the weather channel to find the current temperature is 58 degrees. You throw on a t-shirt and shorts and run outside. It is so warm that you might just take a walk.
It is all about perspective, but not just when it comes to weather.
- A letter from a friend is so much more appreciated when we don’t expect it.
- We can appreciate when things go well more when we have been through bad times.
- We feel a greater blessing for what we have when we see those that have so little.
- Our “bad days” are never as bad at 8pm looking back as they are at 8am looking forward.
- Salvation is so much sweeter when you see where you came from and where you are now.
Something to think about. Maybe the next time we’re having a bad day or if things go wrong we just need to change our point of view.

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