Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Yay/Nay of the Day for 9/26/07

Yay: Lasagna for lunch. Simple things make me happy.

Yay: New blog posts from a few "missing" bloggers. Miranda is currently missing too. She'll be next.

Yay: My favorite teacher from Huntington High School, Mr. Curtis, has a podcast. It is actually pretty funny. It took me way back. I became nostalgic. Then a little nauseous thinking about homework. Go to the Huntington Podcast page and it is listed under "Chemistry/Physics".

Nay: I got drywall rash. Doesn't that sound like a disease?

Nay: Drama. People (myself definately included) are too dramatic. Why are you so dramatic people? I think your drama has caused me to want to grab a garden hose and hold it to my ear...turning it on and flushing out all of the stupid stuff people say...then I will use it as brain floss - pulling it through one ear and out the other....what was I saying? Oh yeah, people are so dramatic.

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