Monday, September 24, 2007

Yay/Nay of the Day 9/24/07

Yay: The Buckeyes won big this weekend. It was fun to watch. Also, Derek Anderson had a pretty good game for the Browns so that means no Brady Quinn...yet.

Yay: I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. Why yay? It is just a cleaning and I find it relaxing. As long as there is no needles it is fairly enjoyable.

Nay: Maleah was up all night. That's more of a nay for her than anything else - even though that meant Miranda and I kept having to get up too. She's teething so she's hurting pretty bad. Poor baby.

Nay: The Browns lost on a last second field goal, both of my fantasy football teams lost and my goldfish died. I don't actually own a goldfish, but if I did it he would've been doing the porcelain swirl right now.

Nay: I lied to you - my faithful blog reading friends. I didn't get to upload Maleah's pictures. I will do it tonight (actual time may vary and some restrictions may apply).

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