Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yay/Nay of the Day for 9/20/07

Yay: Maleah had her 8 month photos taken by Butch last night. She didn't smile a bunch, but I still think a few of them will turn out really well. She was adorable, but too energetic to sit still.

Yay: I was able to listen to the new Casting Crowns cd today. I love that group. Every single one of their songs have an amazing message. I love that they serve God whole-heartedly. East to West, Altar and the Door, and Every Man are just a few of the great songs off this CD.

Nay: Where are Maleah's pictures? I can actually hear you thinking it? If you weren't thinking it, you are now. If you aren't now you probably don't care. Either way we have been so busy with full time jobs, a baby, church obligations, etc. I excuse!

Nay: OJ Simpson and Brittney Spears. Two people that need to embrace God's love and forgiveness. I don't know why they both continue to do things that destructive to their lives and/or careers. They're just sad.

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