Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yay/Nay of the Day for 9/25/07

Yay: Realizing God is in control. I need to just remember that. I read over some of my long term "goals" that I wrote out a couple years ago and realized that I can be...self focused to put it nicely. Some of them were funny though. Why am I not on the banquet circuit by now?

Yay: Soothing Maleah. Usually I don't do that great of a job consoling her, but last night was different. She was crying one of those inconsolable cries. So I held her and brushed her face with my hand and she fell back asleep. I can't believe she's really ours.

Nay: Lack of support for our troops. You may not agree with the war and why we're there. However, we are there. These are courageous men and women and should be given proper respect; regardless of political affiliation.

Nay: Having to play Dan in fantasy football this week. I got an awesome upgrade at QB, but I felt good going into last week and was dealt my first lost by a win-less team.

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  1. Anonymous9/25/2007

    Thank You for reminding me that God IS in control. Please remind me again tomorrow!