Tuesday, September 04, 2007

3DW, Birthday Wishes, Special

1. Three day weekend. I love 3 days off in a row without having to use a vacation day! It was a good holiday weekend and this year it fell on my birthday.

2. Cards and well wishes. Thank you for the cards (both real and virtual!) and for the cookies. I appreciated the phone calls too.

3. Feeling special. Miranda was willing to drive to Circleville just to get me White Castle (which she despises). She got me a much-needed, awesome watch that I will take better care of than my last one she bought me. I love to make a huge deal over her birthday, but I don't like a big deal made over mine. I got just what I wanted. I nice weekend with my two favorite girls in the whole world. The cards from Miranda and Maleah were my two favorite ones!

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