Thursday, August 30, 2007

Say "Mom", Mystery check, $9.50/month

1. Maleah was saying "mom" clearer and more prounounced than she ever had before. It was so sweet. She also crawled a few steps, but Miranda - apparently trying to prepare Maleah for the Crawling Olympics - still didn't clasify it as "crawling for the first time". Miranda is a Speakman by marriage, but still an O'Leary at heart.

2. I got my check for my two mystery shops I performed. $31 for about 45 minutes of work. Not shabby.

3. Saving money. I just dropped $9.50/month off my monthly phone bill. $6.00 of that was caller id, the other $3.50 was this stupid line insurance fee. They still charge you for the trip out there so it is a waste of money. If you have this fee on your bill call to have it removed. Or, you could keep throwing money away! :) Take that Horizon. Wooo hoo!

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