Thursday, August 16, 2007

Random Passing Thoughts, Iss. 5

Ripped from the headlines....

In Japan they now sell square watermelons for $85 a piece. They say it helps with storage space in your refridgerator...Or, you could buy a bigger fridge for about 25 watermelons.

Miranda and I watched a woman on the news that claimed to be 100% Muslim and 100% Christian. It was also revealed that math was her worst subject in High School.

On that same subject - how can a person both believe that Jesus was God incarnate, died and rose from the dead - while also believing that Jesus was just a man and was never resurrected? It was also revealed that Theology was her worst subject in College.

News reports have recently shown that many terrorists are popping up right here in the US because people feel "unremarkable". Make threats against America just once and the rest of us we'll make sure you NEVER feel remarkable.

Columbine's shooters had the same goal; they forgot one thing. You can't feel famous when you're dead.

The students of Virginia Tech will be returning to their school soon - just in time for a concert that includes NAS - a rapper known for his violent lyrics. Thumbs down to VT president Dr. Charles Steger who knows of the lyrics, but will apparently let it happen anyway.

Thumbs up to the VT student paper that criticized officials for their lack of empathy on this issue.

Last thing. Don Imus made a derogatory remark several months back about some of the Rutgers female basketball players. He publicly apologized. He lost his job. That's enough, right? Apparently not. Center Kia Vaughn is suing for defemation of character stating that he "intentionally used slanderous terms to describe her on his radio show" as quoted by her lawyer, Michael McCann.

Anyone else have a problem with this? The guy made idiotic comments. He lost his job and credibility. Even though he would probably win the case he will more than likely settle. Is this about principle - OR - is this yet another case of someone seeing free money that is "due to them"?

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