Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Photographs, Cards, Friends

Bob has requested that I write today's 3BT's. No pressure! Here goes!

1. Photographs. I look around my office and I have pictures of Maleah and Bob (mainly Maleah) everywhere...and Kaitlyn, Morgan, Nathan and even Nelson (my sponsor child). It's so awesome to look around and see these photos throughout the day. Keeps me going!

2. Cards. Whether it's Happy Birthday, Praying for You, Thinking of You, Encouragement...I have come to discover just how much cards mean to people...and to myself. In fact, there's one that Chelsea sent me 2 years ago still hanging on the wall of my partition!

3. Friends. It's nice to have friends to hang out with, talk with, laugh with, eat with...and play games too. Matt & Chelsea came over last week (Pasta Salad!) and this weekend we're heading to Nicole & KJ's for some pizza and games! And it's absolutely fantastic to work with friends too! Sometimes it's what gets you through the day!

P.S. I DO love my job! Promise!


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