Monday, August 27, 2007

Punishment for the Victims in Vick's Case

I feel the need to pass along an interesting bit of information on the Michael Vick dog fighting story. Miranda was talking about it and something she said struck me funny.

I first must say that not only do I not condone dog fighting - I also do not understand the appeal of it. That being said I find this very funny.

The whole problem with what Vick is doing is the fact that innocent animals are being harmed, right? He's putting these dogs - that in all honesty are usually aggressive animals - in a situation that is dangerous for them. It is wrong. So, these poor animals have been rescued from Vick's evil clutches and now face an even greater threat: Being put to death.

I find great irony in this outcome. Great work PETA. Job well done. You've succeeded in securing the fate of some of these animals if no one adopts them. I understand the difficulty in getting people to adopt dogs once they've been trained for fighting, but is putting them the death the best for them?

I am in the overwhelming majority of people that believe that animals ARE NOT people. Sorry folks. I don't think they should be mistreated - any more than I think you should vandalize someones property. I like my cat, but I would put its life in danger before a complete stranger - let alone my own family.

So, what's the moral of this story kids? Don't let your pit bulls grow up to be fighters. You can, however, take them to the "humane" society and pull a Kevorkian. Vick is dumb for what he did, but the stench of hypocricy is heavy on this one. Oh, and the picture is a Vick trading card chewed up by a dog. Some lady was selling them on Ebay. The fun never stops in Crazy Town!


  1. Here Here I,m with you all the way on that one. God gave us dominion over all the beasts, but he also gave us the knowledge of right and wrong.

  2. You're right. It's about being a good steward with our property. And yes, animals are property. Thanks for the visit!

  3. Sadly, killing the dogs IS the kindest thing to do. Fighting pits are raised to be hyper-active and hyper-aggressive to other animals - not people. Their almost impossible to adopt due to - wait for it - insurance issues and just the risk to any othr animal in the area.

    Keeping them confined in solitary runs is too cruel since they were raised being used to lots of exercise.

    Just chalk them up as yet more victims of that stupid ghetto thug.

  4. Good points. Irony unfortunately strikes down hard on this one.

    I know that the repercussions of this "stupid ghetto thug" will be felt by man and beast for years to come. Thanks for the visit.