Thursday, August 23, 2007

Great quote, Meeting w/ God, Change

3BT for 8/23/07

1. "We're the only country in the world with a "Mount Rushmore" - Max Lucado in "The Applause of Heaven" referring to the fast paced lives of Americans. This quote is so funny! Max Lucado is the best!

2. Meeting with God at 6 Am. There is something special about being up in the still of the morning whil many others are still sleeping or just getting up. Reading my Bible and praying know that God is there with me. I learn about God through this time - just like you get to know your friends better when you sit and talk to them.

3. How things change. Think of how your life has changed in the last ten years..ten months...ten get the point. So much changes so quickly. Some things for the worse, but mostly for the better. Ten years ago I wasn't driving, I was still at home, and just an annoying kid. Now, I'm married with a baby girl, own my home (about 2% of it), and am an annoying adult. Not everything changes!

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