Thursday, August 16, 2007

Five deer, MC, Craft Mall

3BT for 8/16/07

1. There were five deer in our yard last night. That's not unusual to where we live. However, they were all laying down in our yard! It was neat to see. Apparently our uncut grass serves a greater purpose.

2. MC (the celebrity couple name for Matt & Chelsea) came over for dinner. Maleah performed, we talked, we joked, and then Matt said "Dude, I don't know". We had a really good time. Potato salad!

3. The First Capital Craft Mall building is for sale. I will be accepting donations ranging between $1 and $1,700,000 to help me purchase the building to open it back up. :)


  1. Anonymous8/16/2007

    I'll donate 1 2007 Toyota Camry to be auctioned off for the first capital building fund :)

  2. Thanks Brooke. I'll open up the bidding at One MILLION dollars!

  3. You're a hoot. I just adore you three.