Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Email Scam Alert

Just a quick word of warning about email. I've been receiving potentially dangerous emails lately. I know what to look for, but not everyone is as advanced as I. :)

Bank or Paypal emails: If any financial organization asks for information from you, don't give it to them. Banks will never, ever ask you to verify anything by email. If you receive something you think might be phishing (term for fishing for info) forward it to the company. For example, Paypal has as their reporting email. Most companies would just use

Greeting Card emails: Before opening an email from a "family member" be sure to see who its from. The email address should reflect the company that is sending it. An example would be if you received a greeting card from, but the email address is as I recently received. Do not open it. The email body should also tell you which "family member" or friend sent it to you. Also, the link should be taking you to that company's website, i.e., not

Most important thing to remember: Use some common sense, check your sender's email address, and never give out personal info. Oh, and NEVER open up an email with an attachment unless you KNOW who it is from!

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