Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dippin' Strips, Ranking, Crawling Soon

1. Dippin' Strips are back baby! Read Miranda's blog for a full explanation. She stole my thoughts right out of my brain. Can you tell we like them?

2. I passed Miranda on the overall blog rank. I should be able to be happy about that. I have had my blog longer. I have posted nearly 3 times as many posts. I should be ranked higher than her. I suddenly feel her passing me again in the next week.

3. Maleah edges closer and closer to crawling. She's mastered a few "steps" forward, but doesn't have it down yet. Crawling she will soon be, will run from dad to her mommy.


  1. You only pass me because you put popular search items in your blogs! Hah!

  2. What are you trying to say? That I am somehow... War in Iraq ...trying to slip stuff... Lindsay Lohan ... in that people might... Michael Vick ... be searching for? That is... Big Ten Network ... crazy! :)