Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tagless, Early, City park

3BT for 7/24/07

1. Tagless T's. This is the greatest clothing innovation in years. Though it may take me a few extra seconds to find the front of my t-shirt it is worth it from a comfort standpoint.

2. Being out of the house early. The traffic is really light. The noise is almost all gone. Go into a store and you'll be one of a handful of people. Miranda and I have started doing our Saturday shopping by or before 9am and it is awesome. Don't do it though. Then it'll start getting busier for us.

3. Our city park. Though it may not be in the top 100 city parks in the country it has come a long way. They've recently redone the landscaping and it looks great. There are several shelter houses to rent, a playground for kids, basketball, tennis, beach volleyball, fishing in the pond, and swimming in the city pool. Miranda and I just said last week that we don't utilize enough. Taking something for granted...again! :)


  1. We should go to the park again this weekend, it's supposed to be nice again. We could even do our own picnic. Maleah loves sitting in the grass. It could be fun :)

  2. I agree. It was fun last time. Maybe this time she'll stay awake!