Thursday, July 19, 2007

Matt's Birfday, Goog411, Mary in Alabama

3BT for 7/19/07

1. Happy birthday to my friend Matt. He and his new wife are celebrating his birthday tonight. She's cooking him dinner. I wonder if I should stop by and say "happy birthday" without calling first...Hmmm.

2. Goog411. This the best thing since...the last tool Google released. This is a business 411 number. You call 1-800-466-4411, it will ask you to say your city and state, then you say the business name. If you don't know the name you can say the business type and it will search for the most relevant businesses available. For instance I said, "Pizza" and it started naming off pizza places. I just had to say the corresponding number for the business listing. Then, it calls the business for you. Best of is FREE.

3. Miranda's aunt Mary in Alabama now has a blog. It is called "Mary in Alabama". That is very fitting! :)

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