Monday, July 23, 2007

Maleah ate, Tammy passed away, Dad mowed

3BT for 7/23/07

1. Maleah ate carrots! :) First attempt...not so good. Second attempt...not too bad. Third attempt...pretty good! She's getting so big (I know I always say that). She's also sitting up unsupported for longer periods of time.

2. Tammy Faye Messner (Baker) passed away. That's not a "beautiful thing", but her life was. Forgetting all of the scandal that surrounded her - first husband's affair, second husband going to jail for bankruptcy fraud - she was a pretty great woman. She helped build a Christian empire that to this day has never been duplicated. The Christian theme park was fun (we got to watch a live taping of PTL), their message was true, and her heart was sincere. Sure, she may have worn more make-up in a day than most women do in a week; however, she also showed more love than most Christians do in a lifetime. Don't focus on the bad about Tammy Faye and remember the good...because there was a lot of good in her life.

3. The look and smell of a fresh cut lawn. Dad cut our lawn yesterday and it looks great. He got stung by a bee again, but he found their hideout and "mowed" them down.

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  1. Carrots are MESSY! Boy it was awesome to see her eating them yesterday...making minimal amounts of "ew, nasty" faces. :) She's totally awesome!