Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ginormous, rain, Maleah's audience

3BT for 7/11/07

1. The word ginormous has been added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary! They added a lot of other modern terms, but ginormous was my favorite. I love that word. I love the fact that spell check didn't say it was wrong! Thanks Miranda for the news story link!

2. We received much needed rain yesterday. It'll probably rain more today too. I love the sound and smell of a good rain. Miranda loves a good thunderstorm, but I can settle for a steady downpour.

3. Maleah put on a show for Brooke last night. She just kept dancing, and jumping, and cracking up. She knew Brooke was watching her so she just kept performing! She's so cute!


  1. Anonymous7/11/2007

    I love spending time with maleah...I see her every week to every other week, and it seems like she grows even more every time, and gets so much more of a personality as the weeks go on. Shes an awesome baby! I love the super baby thing though, that was so cute!

  2. Hi Bob! I just love that Christmas countdown you have and have put one on my page too! I'm a Christams addict and collect Santa Figurines from anywhere I can get them! Cheers! :)

  3. Anonymous7/12/2007

    ...yeah my computer desk is filled with little Rudolph figurines.... *sighs*