Monday, July 30, 2007

Comfortable death, Flawed, Made to Love

3BT for 7/30/07

1. Pastor Burris talked about the leading cause of spiritual death on Sunday...comfort. People get comfortable where they are. They get cozy in their "me" place. Christ wants us to be uncomfortable - that's how we grow. God authored life changes are never easy, but they are always the best thing for us.

2. Realizing that I'm no better than you. I make mistakes. I'm not perfect. You have your flaws and I have mine. I'm just not sure how I could see your mistakes with all of mine right in front of me. Gossip and tearing people down have no business in a Christian's life.

3. I was made to love. That's a familiar phrase if you've heard the similarly named tobyMac song. God created us to love one another. Christians always talk about being more like Christ. That includes loving one another...even those we consider unlovable. Some people may be harder to love than others. However, when you put all of your effort into showing love to a person that is difficult to love, you will receive greater blessings than you could imagine. When the word love is used for your spouse, your child, and your best friend - they all have different meanings. The same goes for loving the unlovely.

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