Thursday, July 26, 2007

Batty, Rational, Praise

3BT for 7/26/07

1. Miranda and I watched bats flying around our yard this morning. It was creepy, but it was kind of cool.

2. Miranda discovered the secret of getting me to stop wanting so many "things". For instance, I say "We need a new printer". Before, she might have said, "No we don't". Instead she asked me, "Is it something we really need right now?" She forced me to rationalize the request. We don't need a new printer. This will work on any man who is able to think rationally. That's about 4.6% of the male population.

3. I'm back in Praise Team. I said I'd never go back, but momma always said "never say never". I know this is what God wants from me. I just need to make sure that I always put the worship above myself. Too many times before I'd let the thrill of singing in front of people cloud my thinking. No more. I'm God's property now. I will also exhaust every effort to not let it be of greater importance than my girls.


  1. "It was weird...but kinda cool..." ;)

    What's that off of?

  2. I thought of that immediately when I wrote it. I can't remember. I want to say it was Joey off of Friends.

  3. "I met Phoebe today. She was really nice to me even though I'm such a loser. And, then when I was walking home I thought about her a lot, it was weird, but kinda cool."

    That was the page out of the guy's journal that Ursela was seeing :) Hehe. Wasn't that David Arquette?

  4. That's it!!! Yay!!!! :) Yes, it was David Arquette. I knew it was Friends!

  5. Of COURSE it was Friends! Silly!