Wednesday, July 25, 2007

3BT on Christmas in July

3BT for 7/25/07

Top 3 interesting things about "Christmas in July"

1. Where did it come from? Christmas in July, an unofficial holiday, is celebrated by some people on July 26th, which is known as Saint Joachim and Saint Anne´s day - Jesus' grandparents (Mary's father and mother). The Scandinavian word for Yule is Jul, which happens to be the abbreviation for July in English.

2. In our western culture, Christmas in July has little or no symbolic value. It is usually a reason for people to have a party, give gifts, and enjoy each other's company. It also is a chance for some retail stores and television shopping channels to pick up their revenue through gimmicky sales.

3. McMurdo Station in Antarctica celebrates Christmas in July, as well as in December. Its origins there appear to be how deliveries were made. July is in the middle of winter in Antarctica; high winds and ice once made it too dangerous for planes to land with supplies. Instead, planes parachuted deliveries (such as food and mail) to the ice; the sudden arrival in July of presents from the sky reminded some people of a "visit from Santa".

Merry Christmas! :)

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