Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tiny Ember

I don't usually write poems, but God laid this on my heart.

Tiny Ember
I feel like a tiny ember,
burning very, very dim.
I could catch fire again,
but the chance seem so slim.

Just one mighty gust of wind,
and my light will burn out.
All I need is another spark
to catch fire without a doubt.

Please God bring me Your fire,
Oh Lord do you hear my cry?
Why do you leave me so cold,
God, why do you pass me by?

I drop to my knees in prayer,
As my light grows gravely faint.
I know I've not been perfect,
I am far from being a saint.

Then I heard a voice ring out,
It was as clear as could be.
"I have listened to you my son,
Now you need to listen to me.

My fire has never moved,
It has always been right here.
If you have lost the fire,
It's because you're no longer near.

You cannot expect to feel warmth,
If you are nowhere near the fire.
You cannot expect burn for me,
If it is not your heart's desire".

I finally understood it was not Him,
But it was me that was to blame.
I must devote my life to Him fully,
To catch fire from His Holy flame.

Now I will burn bright again,
For all of the world to see.
To see souls saved is my desire,
So that they too can be free.

I was just a tiny ember,
burning very, very dim.
Now I have caught fire again,
I burn brightly just for Him.

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