Wednesday, June 13, 2007

On the phone, BLT&E, Jolt Ultra

3BT for 06/13/07

1. Maleah was trying to talk to mom on the phone last night. She kept grabbing at it saying "ma mmmm aaa mmm ya ma ma". I'm paraphrasing. Then I had her call Matt. He answered and she started whining into the phone at him. Maybe its because he chose his fantasy football team name as the "Gnawbone Drowl Bears".

2. The bacon, lettuce, tomato, and EGG sandwich at Bob Evans is awesome. It is my new favorite sandwich!

3. Jolt Ultra is at Walgreens. I hadn't found it anywhere in Chillicothe to this point. I used to get it occasionally when I was working in Columbus. It is 220 "jolts" of caffeine. Miranda, I know you hate me drinking those, but I'm awake!

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