Thursday, June 28, 2007

New day, storms, getting to know you

3BT for 6/28/07

1. Today's a new day. Forget about yesterday. It is in the past. Put it in a boat and send it out to sea. Wave at it. Now do a dance. You can now start over.

2. Maleah is clearly Miranda's child. It stormed last night. Bright flashes of lightning, loud crashes of thunder, etc. Did Maleah wake up? Not even a flinch.

3. Getting to know you emails. I love them. They are a great way to get to know friends/family even better...and they are a lot of fun to answer! Sorry to Brooke and Annie who have recently sent one to me...I didn't reply. Have no fear. I am working on my own getting to know you email. None of this "where do you like to go on vacation" stuff either. It'll be grrrrrreat!


  1. ...but what if yesterday was a really good day and I want to hang on to that good feeling? Do I have to send it out to sea too? Or can I dock my boat for awhile???

    Maleah is my girl for sure! :) It's nice to sleep through storms!

  2. My post implies that you want to "send it out to sea". If you like the "good feeling" then keep it. :)

  3. Anonymous6/28/2007

    i dont remember sending you one what you really love are the chain mail letters grandma sends everyone :)

  4. You did, but it was awhile back... Awhile...Yup.

    I hate chain mail. I hate forwards that people send without reading them first. Mom usually at least reads hers before she sends them.

    BROOKE! There you go getting me on an email forward rant!