Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Help Heal Your "Heel"

Our Pastor spoke on Sunday morning about allowing the guilt of sin to rule over your life. He explained that it is not God that brings past sins to mind, but that it was the devil. Satan understands what it takes to trip us up. He knows our weaknesses. He knows where we fall short. He attacks our "spiritual Achilles heel".

I'm driving behind someone and they're going right at the speed limit. Not below, but right at it. I may not have any reason to be going fast, but I feel the need to speed. Enter satan.
My face contorts as I ponder, "Why is grandpa out driving? Doesn't he have bingo tonight?"

Satan - 1, God - 0

I'm in line at "the Walmart" and I realize the person in front of me picked up the only item in the entire store that didn't have a price tag. This shuts down the entire store for several minutes, stocks drop, and time stands still. Enter satan.
Again my thoughts go sour and I growl through clenched teeth. "Why does this person in front of me hate me? What did I do to them? Surely they did it on purpose and aren't that simple".

Satan - 2, God - 0

What is it that causes you to stumble? What situation has satan attacked you in and caused you to be someone God didn't intend you to be?

Pray to God when these attacks come and God will go undefeated in your life.

Examine yourself for your "spiritual Achilles heel" and pray that God helps you to deal with it. It will do wonders for your soul.

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  1. Satan. People tend to picture him in a red devil suit with a pitch someone you grow out of as you get older. He's evil. Betty at work always said if he's working on must be doing something right. He wouldn't fight so hard for you if he already had you.