Friday, June 22, 2007

Creek Water Kool-Aid

Call me Gosselaar.

Miranda would be the first to tell you - I am an entrepreneur at heart. I start a new business or new money making scheme every year; sometimes I have multiple plans per year. Maybe I watched too much Saved by the Bell when I was a kid. I have seen every episode five times and they were all as predictable as an episode of House. Zach always tried to con his way out of school work, chores, and out of paying for anything. He would always find the ultimate "get rich quick" scheme. It works at first, but he is caught by the bumbling Belding and a lesson is learned - until the next episode.

I began this mindset at an early age. One hot summer day while Matt and I were young pups we decided to go splash it up in his creek. We walked tall with great aspirations of recreating the Hoover Dam. Once there we realized that the water was just too cold to play in, but it was unusually clear. Staring at the clear, cold water we became thirsty.

We were unaware of what lay at the bottom of the creek. Parasite was a word that meant nothing to us at the time. We drank the water.

I remember it vividly. It was ice cold and very good. We both drank a couple cups. Then it hit us. Add some flavor and we could market this beverage. How do kids add flavor to water?

Creek Water Kool-Aid was born. We made a few pitchers and sat out by the side of the road. Sure, there was no foot traffic. Granted, most people flew past us. I'm sure we looked like idiots. We didn't care.

It was the thrill of making a few bucks and selling something that no one else had - in our case it was Giardiasis.


  1. You are so funny! :)

  2. Dude Creek Water Kool-Aid was AWESOME! No one bought it...and we wasted a lot of Kool-Aid...but hey, we had something with that. Next up from M&B Enterprises: Scioto River Kool-Aid!

  3. Yeah, that's good. We could say "Drink Scioto River Kool-Aid...if you get sick your next cup is free...once your rash clears up...and the swelling goes down...and you can swallow again."