Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Creed Thoughts, large item, Gare tent

3BT for 06/05/07

1. - If you are a fan of The Office you will recognize this as the blog for the character of Creed. Ryan told Creed he would set him up with a blog, but it was just a word document with the afformentioned web address at the top. Then NBC made it into a blog!

2. Large item pick up. It is the most fascinating thing. We put all of our junk that is too big for normal trash for the city to come pick up...but it usually doesn't make it that far. We put our stuff out a couple weeks ago and by the next morning the majority of it was gone. One person to the top part of a lamp and left the lamp itself. Then someone took the lamp without the top. It is amazing. People actually drive up and down streets to get it. If they can't afford it, that is fine. Others do it to stock their yard sales. Either way it is an amazing thing!

3. The Gare Tent Project Video - Making stupid videos is the best. I made this one last night. I explored Gary's tent in the back yard...and it got stupid.

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  1. Regarding #2....Don't forget the "free yard sale" your dad was having...people just stopping and asking for stuff!