Friday, June 29, 2007

"Bachelor Party", More FF, OSU Corn Hole

3BT for 06/29/07

1. Matt and I are going to have a "pre-marital male bonding event". Miranda says that bachelor party has negative connotations - and I agree. The other groomsmen took part in our Red's day so just Matt and I are going to do some "guy" stuff. We'll hit some golf balls and then hit some baseballs. Then we'll eat salad and talk about how we're going to do our hair for the wedding.

2. Interest is peaked in my 2nd of 3 fantasy football leagues. People at Miranda's work are starting to sign up. I am so excited!

3. We got ourselves an OSU Corn Hole game! We're excited. It isn't as nice as the sturdy set we bought for Miranda's dad, but it'll do the job.


  1. Anonymous7/01/2007

    I absolutely get such a blessing from reading your page. It's fantastic, meaningful stuff! I'm so relieved to see 3BT BACK! I'm tempted to steal your idea and use it on my myspace. I realize as I read yours that I don't take time to count my blessings. Thanks for that, Bob! I love you and Miranda and am so inspired by the both of you!

  2. Don't ask Bob how their male-bonding day went! You'll get a long story about the knot on his head! Oh, wait. There's no knot! Nope! Don't mention it! Please! ;)