Wednesday, June 27, 2007

3BT's back, Alabamians, Guilt

3BT for 6/27/07

1. 3BT is back to stay. I thought I could walk away from it, but I couldn't. It doesn't take much time to do everyday and I still can make other types of posts. Welcome back 3BT, my beautiful blog friend!

2. Alabama is coming to Chillicothe next week! Not the group, but Miranda's relatives from Alabama. Two sets of aunts and uncles are coming - one we saw last year and the other we've not seen for years. Miranda's cousin from Kentucky is coming up as well. It should make for a good week! :)

3. People that can communicate without the use of guilt. If you can discuss your feelings and/or problems without making someone else feel bad, kudos to you! If you are depressed then pray about it. If you are mad, talk it out. If you are frustrated punch a hole in the wall. Just don't take it out on me or my family. I am a Christian. I want to show love. I will turn to the other cheek...but I won't turn back. Again, to those that don't spread guilt like a flesh harvesting disease...I thank you.


  1. I'm so glad you are bringing back your 3BT's! :)

    I'm excited about the Alabamians! :)

  2. Thanks, Bob, for the 3BT's!!!!!